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June 17 2016

A Tall Foodie with a Tall Order !

SpinachThere have been a lot of foodie interviews you may have come across but there are many who still wonder what Mr. Amitabh Bachchan must be like inside his own house. For instance, what he eats, is there ever a time he does nothing, would he ever sit with his family around him just watching television?

He is such a tall legend with much aura that if you are in his presence, you come back not asking many questions you would have in mind, but awestruck with India's biggest entertainer who is hardworking, disciplined and humble.

The interviewer in her own words says, "I am such a coffee junkie that I land up assuming that obviously everyone on this planet must be having coffee, so I confidently asked Mr. Bachchan on his favourite coffee. And to my shock, he said, 'I don't drink coffee, so I am the wrong person to ask. I stopped some years ago.' I couldn't believe it and asked, 'Sir, so what do you like to drink?' He said, 'I left drinking about 35 years ago. And a couple of years back, I left chai and coffee. And I don't drink aerated drinks.' I said, 'Oh! Then what do you drink sir?' He said, 'I have water, nimboo pani bhi peelete hain.' My face was now clearly showing my disbelief as in my mind, I couldn't think of anyone like that.

I asked him if he is fond of food. And he immediately said, 'I am a foodie. There was a time I could kill someone to have a jalebi or kheer. But for the last few years, I have left eating chocolates and pastries and Indian sweets and paan and yes, also rice.'

I asked, 'Is there more that you don't consume?' He said, 'And of course, I don't smoke and I have quit eating non-vegetarian.' I know that he is religious, so I said, 'Sir, did you quit due to religious reasons?' And he gave me my final shock and said, 'I just left them on my own, not for medical or health or religious reasons. It just happened and now, I have left it.

It was more like a social compulsion to be holding a drink and a cigarette in your hand. And in one of these occasions, someone said to me, Yaar, you will never be able to leave drinking and smoking. And I said okay buddy and through the glass went the drink and the cigarette. And that's it.'

So I asked my last question. 'Sir aap khate kya ho phir?' He said, 'Hawa khaa raha hoon aajkal'. I love Indian food, our desi khana and eat that every day.' Knowing that men are better cooks than women usually, I didn't want to leave any questions unanswered, so I asked, 'can you cook?' He said, 'Paani ubal leta hoon.'

Credit: Times of India

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