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September 07 2016

Back to School - A Parent's Olympics

back to schoolUsain Bolt is beaten by anxious parents in this race of a lifetime when it's back-to-school time.

With the advent of back to school season, parents are juggling between family and work, and getting their upcoming routine in order, so kids now can sleep early and get back to school. That's the positive side of the summer-end that you have a routine to follow. However, you also have kids who may not have been getting up for early hours.

For kids, it's going to be the new grades, new friends, maybe a new school - and that's both exciting and stressful. For parents, it's a new game they play every year and here are some exciting stopwatch clocking for parents, even Usain Bolt can take a cue from.

The 100 metres sprint

The 200m sprint

  • School Drop off Times
  • School Pick up Times

The 4 x 100 relay

  • When a parent has to do the same routine for 4 kids in the family ☺

And finally the 400m

  • Oh! I forgot the Goodbye Kiss!

Here are some excerpts from, for what some parents said about "Back to School" shopping...

"You need a credit card," Craig Marsman said while shopping with his daughter in Halifax. "The lists sometimes are a little crazy because you can't do it in one store," said another parent, Sue Bryant.

Parents say the cost to get kids ready for back-to-school rises every year, with many spending a few hundred dollars at the start of the 2016 year. "There's clothing, footwear, they want them to have one pair left at school and one for travelling. Book bag, lunch bag, groceries, snacks, so it's non-stop," said Bryant.

One of the most expensive items this year for kids is shoes. "My goal was getting a pair of sneakers under $100," said Marsman. "It didn't happen."

Take a Bow - Usain Bolt ☺

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