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November 29 2017

Canada gets its share of Cheesecake

Have you heard about the American Cheesecake Factory that opened its first Canadian store here in Yorkdale mall, Toronto?

And were you part of the excited fans that queued up on 22nd November many hours prior to the opening scheduled time of 11:30am?

Yes, isn't it?

Desi Eat Team visited the Cheesecake factory today for lunch. We reached Yorkdale mall around 1pm, finding the parking took some time but finding the Cheesecake factory didn't take time at all, no thanks to the Google maps, but thanks to the long queue to get to a table at the Cheesecake Factory.


There was 3-point waiting to finally get a table. First point was right in the middle of the mall, 3 security men at that point, the queue moved like a snake's tail, the pace was not very slow, but took us 20-25 min to pass this point. Second point was just outside the Cheesecake factory where we got a buzzer to let us know that a table is available for us. This buzzer had a short range which implied we would have to stay close to the restaurant. We cleared this point in 20min. Third point: We were then asked to go to front desk inside the restaurant, right in the center of the restaurant, here we were told, to wait on the side until someone leads us to the table.

Meanwhile, we noticed the cheesecake display was simply out of this world. There were different flavors & the size of the cheesecake was huge. Truly, a heavenly sight for the cheesecake lovers!


Reverting to the third point where we waited for 5 min. Finally reached our destination - a table at the Cheesecake Factory, Hurray!


At the table, we were told another server will take the order, who came soon. She was helpful but not aware of details. She had to check & confirm before replying to our queries. We had already decided what we would like to order while we waited for the table, hence the order was placed very quickly. She then served water & bread. The bread was brown & white, served with butter. Both these varieties were yummy & increased our appetite. Our orders took another 15-20 min to arrive, but it seemed longer since we were very hungry. I think that making the guest wait for food for longer minutes is intentional for two reasons, a, let the guests sit, relax and enjoy the grandeur ambience with soft music, b, guests could enjoy their meal to the heart's content without leaving a morsel of the massive quantity.

The ambience was indeed beautiful & cosy with choice of colors that dominated this place - orange & yellow, the pillars had mirror work, the ceiling, wall mounted lightings & the side walls had motifs all over. The wall painting near the kitchen was beautiful as well.


Finally our food was served. The food quantity was huge & well plated. The food colors added to the hunger & we just wanted to dig in, but if you are carrying an iPhone, can you dig in without pictures? Never!


The first one above is Thai Coconut-Lime Chicken, second one is Bang-Bang Chicken & Shrimp & the third one is Farfalle with Chicken & Roasted garlic. The first and second meals above are Thai, coconut based, hence mildly sweet and may not appeal to the South Asian palette.

All in all, the food was very delicious & fulsome. The flavors were very distinctive & appealing. And there were good number of chicken chunks in all dishes. This plate must be framed. What do you say?

Then came our Red Velvet Cheesecake, which we asked for at the time of ordering main course as the order for Cheesecake too had a long waiting. It was super yum & delectable.

Now, it was time to leave with a heavy heart and stomach. The bill for 3 meals & 1 cheesecake cake was $85, which is decent for a place like this, eh?

To summarize:

  • Wait time - Too long but for the first-time excited visit, it is pardonable.
  • Ambience - Cosy, but crowded with the serving staff, guests and background noise that the soft background music wasn't audible. If you don't like too much clutter, this is not the place for you.
  • Table & Cutlery - Clean & simple, contrasting the fancy decor
  • Food - nice quantity & quality. But you must do your research well as to what you may like to eat. Since nowhere in the menu did it mention the 2 Thai dishes would be sweet.
  • Staff - Courteous, helpful but uninformed, didn't know all ingredients and flavor.

3 stars from me

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