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January 11 2017

Multifaceted Roles of Chef

The love of food, the ambiance of the restaurant, the cuisine and the orderly conduct of a maestro, inspire budding chefs in making deliciously cooked and meticulously served meals. But how do maestro chefs do it when so much of preparation is involved?

They play multifaceted roles (4-in-1) to serve and entertain with best of culinary art.

The Entertainer - As one chef states, "I would set the table early in the day so that I'm relaxed by the time guests arrive. The wine would be at the proper temperature - chilled for whites and room temperature for reds. I make sure whatever I'm cooking will taste good at room temperature.

People do tend to be late at times, and my food should be able to withstand a little waiting. Secondly I do keep the drinks flowing, the music up, and some great games up. It's all about the energy. I also try to keep guests entertained by involving them in the cooking process.

The Maestro - The exquisite flavors of modern cuisine can only be rekindled by putting in love and passion and bring about the aromatic nature of the cuisine. This type of a chef would have a welcoming cocktail and snack, the simpler the better. In his own words, "I would go to the market and pick up the freshest, prettiest vegetables you can find, a block of cheese, nuts, dried fruit, olives or pickles and add some edible flowers to spruce things up. I would use a gorgeous board that's on the smallish side so that the pairings look abundant-like a modern cornucopia.

The Entrepreneur - A mix and match of the pantry, kitchen and even ingredients highlight some of the qualities to possess when embarking on this cooking journey. It is a combination of the food, beverage and business areas. This chef will inherit both an interest and some creativity in these areas to bring about that inherent quality which every restaurant owner would like to have.

The Technician - This chef would prepare his / her cuisine with such a technicality by combining ingredients. It could be an interesting salad - fresh greens with unlikely pairings like stuffed dumplings or crispy plantains. One highly renowned chef said, "I like to create interesting combinations like cornbread with cayenne chocolate bits and scallions, and I love using unconventional spices in my desserts, like tellicherry pepper or my version of a pumpkin spice mix, which contains ground espresso beans, Aleppo pepper, and Indian cinnamon.

With all these roles that chefs play on a daily basis, I'm sure some of us would take tips from these and cook a dish exquisitely on our own.

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