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July 28 2016

The Liquid Gold called Honey

Little India in Toronto

Honey has been extensively used for many nutritional and medicinal benefits for centuries. From ancient Greek mythology to current times, the powerful cure-all attributes of honey have contributed to its vast use for health benefits. Most of us know of the antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey. Few of its uses and benefits are provided below as a refresher:

Few of its uses and benefits are provided below as a refresher:

  • A spoon of honey with juice of half lemon, mixed in a glass of lukewarm water, is an effective remedy for constipation and hyper-acidity. Drink it in the morning for best results
  • Honey-lemon juice water along with low-calorie diet also helps in the treatment of obesity without loss of energy and appetite.
  • A mixture of honey and alcohol is believed to promote growth of hair.
  • Spoonful of honey with small pieces of ginger and black pepper is considered good to supress cough.
  • Athletes and sportsperson could use honey for instant energy due to its high glycemic value.

Caveat - People with diabetes should consult doctor before taking honey. Same is recommended before giving honey to infants.

So consume honey responsibly and reap the numerous health benefits of this liquid gold.

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