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October 24 2016

The Other Woman in my Husband's life!

The Other Woman in my Husband's life!

Sugar-coated phrases like, I love my mother-in-law, but...are commonly used by women while talking about their mother-in-law. For instance, I love my mother-in-law but she cannot stay out of my kitchen. I love her but she salted Saag Gosht to her taste. Or, I know she tries to be helpful but our cooking styles just don't mesh.

Daughter-in-law and mother-in-law are generally at odds when it comes to cooking and, as cliched as it gets, the husband is caught in between. As we celebrate national Mother-in-Law Day, which is observed on the fourth Sunday in October, here are 7 ways for women, especially for newly-wed, to win over her mother-in-law:

  • Let her cook for a day or two in a week. It's a win-win for both; you will get a break and a variety of palate, she will have her choice of recipes and food.
  • If she is not much of a hands-on person and only likes to advice, ask her favourite recipes and oblige by cooking it, once in a while. Again, it's a win-win situation, you will learn a new recipe and she will be a happy camper.
  • Try different international cuisines, as a happy medium. Venture into unchartered culinary territories. Help yourself and her discover non-South Asian food - try Mexican food, after all a Mexican Taco is similar to an Indian Roti.
  • Make it interesting; dine together while watching a movie or a TV show. Discuss the plot and its twist and turns afterwards.
  • Go an extra mile, literally! Go for a walk after dinners with your hubby and her sometimes. She would love it.
  • Give her books to read on food, health and wellness or on any topic of her interest. Get to know her interests. Make her feel important. Your husband will be proud of you.
  • Last but not the least, don't compete. Rather endeavor bringing her to your side.

Try the above tips for a happy mother-in-law, (yes it's possible) a happier husband and a blissful home for sure. As the saying goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the way is shorter if it's via her mother.

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