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BDF Deals Deals


1. Buy one get one half price
2. Spend more than 10$ and get 5$ off
3. 10% discount on yogurt cakes.

Veggie Special

Great news for veggie lovers, get veggie special from Radica's for only $ 7.99 Pick 5 items plus a roti (Choice of dhalpuri, sada, paratha, fried bake). Curry Mango (Bhaji) or Channa Aloo Pumpkin (Fried Bodi) or Baigan Choka (Fried Ochro) or Fried Baigan Tomato Choka (Fry Aloo) or Curry Seim (Fried Plantain)

Pizza Special

Get 2 Large Pizza with 30 wings (6 toppings + 2 dips) for $34.99.

Summer Feast

Get 10 pieces of Mixed Chicken (spicy/mid) for $16.99 + Tax.

Popular Pizza Offer

I large Pizza, 3 toppings, 1 garlic bread, 1 free dip for only $15 (no tax). This offer is for Pick-up only.