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Nirvana, Brunel Road, Mississauga

An average affair

Nirvana is known more for its lunch buffet, then its 'A la carte' menu. True to its reputation, if you were visiting with your work group for a corporate lunch buffet, you might find the choices satisfactory. On a visit with family you may find the service slow and less than courteous. The decor and ambience is that of a typical Indian restaurant, complete with its sights, sounds and fragrances as claimed on their website. The food is flavorful and not very spicy, the prices are reasonable and menu choices can be both ordinary and exclusive. You might want to try their stuffed Naan or Roomali roti. An average experience overall.

35 Brunel Road, Unit #5, Mississauga.

Anju Rajan
16 May 2014

Royal Jasmine, Dixie Road, Mississauga

Nostalgic Flavors

Did you ever miss the Chinese food back home, the big serving of crispy Chopsuey noodles or spicy saucy Chow Mein? large bowl of sour-hot soup?

Look no further, for Royal Jasmine is the answer. Everything, right from the ambience, the decor, the friendly Urdu speaking Asian hosts, the generous serving sizes, the prices and most importantly the TASTE, instantly transports you back home to your favorite classy Chinese hang-out. The menu selection is huge and caters to every taste, be it desi level spicy, or the more delicate cultivated Canadian palate. The meat is Halal, and they can verify the supplier as well. The staff makes sure that you are feel welcome and comfortable by finding time to come and chat with you, and customize the order as per your individual taste. The beverage and dessert choices help add a tasty dimension to your entire experience. One eatery that will keep you coming back for more.

5165 Dixie Road, Unit-3, Mississauga.

Anju Rajan
13 May 2014

Tandoori Time, Albion Road, Toronto

Fresh flavorful Fare

A small but reliable joint for flavorful Pakistani food. Whether you are looking for a dine-in experience or a quick take-out, Tandoori Time has ample choices for the discerning desi palate. Ranging from zesty appetizers, aromatic biryanis to savory karahi dishes they have it all. Although the place is small and parking congested, the fresh flavorful food more than compensates for it. The service is quick and friendly, and food quality is consistently excellent. No wonder they won the Toronto Life Magazine award for the best Naan. If you like authentic Pakistani food, you must give it a try.

1727 Albion Road,Toronto

Anju Rajan
22 April 2014

The Works, Danforth Ave, Toronto

A whimsical Dinning experience

If you have teenagers at home, always wanting something different then 'The Works' is for you. Right from the industrial themed decor to the serving utensils, it appeals to the young and the young at heart. Your choice of made to order burgers from over 70 options to choose from are served in huge baking trays. The onion rings arrive towered on a spike, and the drinks are served in Pyrex mugs. The food is fresh cooked and has halal options cooked on a separate grill for you. The sauces, sides and salads have plenty of options for the spice loving 'desi palate'. If you don't mind shelling out a hundred bucks for a family of four, it is worth a visit. At least the youngsters will have great time sending 'Selfies' and 'Instagraming' to their friends.

888 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Anju Rajan
14 April 2014