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From East to the West!

From East to the West!


Acclaimed Indian chef Ranveer Brar is launching his first restaurant in Canada, named Mayura. It will be a 12,000-square-foot restaurant at 200 County Court Blvd. in Brampton.

Brar has opened more than 20 restaurants worldwide, including Banq in Boston. Alongside serving as a judge for Master Chef India, Brar has hosted several television shows and released his first cookbook in 2016.

"He's well-known and respected in the market," Sidhu said, a Brampton businessman and Brar's local partner.

Brar will bring more than his name to the Brampton restaurant. Sidhu explained the chef plans to visit the restaurant about four or five times a year. "He is going to come and be in the kitchen. He will be instrumental in terms of quality control and running the restaurant," Sidhu said. "All of the recipes, technical know-how and staff are provided by chef Brar."

The restaurant will seat 300 guests in an upscale atmosphere. An outdoor patio adds additional seating to the venue. Mayura is expected to open soon.


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