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November 20, 2014

Welcome to another round of newsletter on all things food - cooking, dining, deals on meals and the fresh news.

Twice a month we pick a recipe that gets more views on Best Desi Food ( to feature it in this newsletter. We bring Tandoori Fish (Baked Fish) recipe to you this week. It's healthy, tasty and easy to cook. Try it this weekend. Also check out Paramount Fine Foods Restaurant in the spotlight section. It recently added a new location to be up and close to foodies in North York and Scarborough. And for Biryani lovers; enjoy tasty Biryani and savings too at Super Tikka House in Scarborough. Don't forget to mention that you saw the offer on Best Desi Food newsletter.

Next, we will bring another popular recipe, news on interesting restaurant and savings offer. Write to us at if you want a recipe covered here. And as always, we love to hear from you so your feedback and comments are always welcome.


Desi Eat Team

Soft drinks an increasingly hard sell to Canadian consumers

Venturing into a supermarket nowadays likely entails an encounter with a tempting offer: cheap pop.

Not just any cheap pop or store brand variety, the name brand stuff - Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper can all now be found at any given time at steep discounts compared to prices not so long ago. A 12-pack of 355ml cans has fallen to $3 at times. Two-litre bottles can be found for a buck, or less. Yet fewer Canadian consumers are biting, opting instead for options with less sugar or artificial sweeteners.

In fact, soft drink prices have descended into "irrational pricing" territory to prop up sales, retail experts at CIBC said a few months back - and even that's not working. Read more..

Featured Recipe
Tandoori Fish

Check out our traditional recipe for making Tandoori Fish. Make it with a Salmon on a budget or Red Snapper for gourmet experience. It brings out the goodness of low-fat, high quality proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins.

Plan an exciting fishy-fish extravaganza with your family this weekend by trying out this wonderful recipe at home! Click to view recipe.

Restaurant in Spotlight
Paramount Fine Foods - Amazing Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine

Paramount Fine Foods Restaurant now opens in North York, ON. The branch opened its doors to public on 27th September, 2014. It serves Halal food with Dine-In, Takeout and Catering options.

Specializes in serving food cooked in Wood Burning Oven and Charcoal BBQ Grill.
Visit today to check out its mesmerizing interior and the scrumptious taste of its cookeries!
Click to find out more.


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