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There have been a lot of foodie interviews you may have come across but there are many who still wonder what Mr. Amitabh Bachchan must be like inside his own house. For instance, what he eats, is there ever a time he does nothing, would he ever sit with his family around him just watching television?

He is such a tall legend with much aura that if you are in his presence, you come back not asking many questions you would have in mind, but awestruck with India's biggest entertainer who is hardworking, disciplined and humble.

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Hakka Legend

Featured Restaurant

The word Hakka means "guest families". It relates to language and subculture of a group of people from the Han dynasty that migrated from North to South China. When Chinese migrated to India and Pakistan in 1970s, they brought along a mix blend of food called Hakka Chinese. It's adapted to local taste and is very popular among South Asians.

Adapting the cuisines of China to Desi Diaspora, Hakka Legend restaurant offers a fine dining experience that caters to all patrons serving vegetarian and halal dishes with a tinge of spice!

Paneer Paro
Recipe of the Week

Paneer Paro is an easy-to-make Indian Cuisine prepared with cheese cubes, garlic paste, onions and tomatoes. The main ingredient is cottage cheese, which forms a part of the gravy that brings out the cheesy taste.

Cook cheese cubes and fenugreek leaves with yoghurt in a pot for a right taste and enjoy cheese in Desi style. Click here for full recipe.

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