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Back to School - A Parent's Olympics

Back to School - A Parent's Olympics

Usain Bolt is beaten by anxious parents in this race of a lifetime when it's back-to-school time.

With the advent of back to school season, parents are juggling between family and work, and getting their upcoming routine in order, so kids now can sleep early and get back to school. That's the positive side of the summer-end that you have a routine to follow. However, you also have kids who may not have been getting up for early hours.

For kids, it's going to be the new grades, new friends, maybe a new school - and that's both exciting and stressful. For parents, it's a new game they play every year and here are some exciting stopwatch clocking for parents, even Usain Bolt can take a cue from.

The 100 metres sprint

The 200m sprint

  • School Drop off Times
  • School Pick up Times

The 4 x 100 relay

  • When a parent has to do the same routine for 4 kids in the family ☺

And finally the 400m

  • Oh! I forgot the Goodbye Kiss!

Here are some excerpts from, for what some parents said about "Back to School" shopping...

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Aroowha Sushi Sake Bar

Restaurant in Spotlight
Aroowha Sushi Restaurant

"Youkoso" is the word that resonates in this Japanese fine-dining restaurant. It means "welcome' and the feeling is highlighted by natural flavours present in Japanese cuisine.

Aroowha Sushi Restaurant accentuates the art and the subtle fine taste from the superior fresh ingredients. At Aroowha, the chefs maintain a high standard for all cooking materials, including the raw fish, rice, vinegar, salt and cooking oil, bringing out the best of the natural foods. Check it out yourself.

Hung Curd Sandwich
Food of the Week
Hung Curd Sandwich

Hung Curd Sandwiches are easiest and fastest to make. Especially for back-to-school times when you need to pack that lunchbox soon. It's so easy that you could know it all here, though we do suggest to review the recipe first.

Simply chop all vegetables in a wide pan, add hung curd (marinated curd ) and mix it well with spices and salt. Grease bread slices lightly on one side. Apply a thick layer of hung curd mixture on the other. Grill it in a sandwich maker. A great tasting sandwich is ready for the lunch ☺

You can also serve and enjoy Hung Curd Sandwich as a snack with green chutney or tomato ketchup.

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