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Desi Beats

Back to School - A Parent's Olympics

We picked and present few habits commonly observed in South Asians (Desi) living in the west. You are surely a Desi (day see) if you can relate to and enjoy the fun habits listed below.

  1. You feel energised and upbeat at the sound of three words: Treat, Cricket and End -of-season sale.
  2. You come back home from a continental dinner, still hungry and rummage the fridge for left over daal chawal (rice & lentils) or go for good old Maggi (popular noodle brand).
  3. You gossip about Bollywood grapevine and discuss when Salman Khan (a Bollywood star) will get married with equal fervour as you discuss the political scenario in your country.
  4. You have an instant liking for a person you discover belongs to your area back home or shares the same surname. (but isn't that true for all communities)
  5. You think nothing is impossible and there exists a 'Jugaad' (synonym for 'to work around') for every problem.
  6. If the remote doesn't work, we will beat the crap out of it but not change the battery
  7. We have fine bone China in our homes but we only use these when guests visit
  8. You like your lamb steak well-done.
  9. You call an older person you never met before "uncle."
  10. The first thing uncles ask you is "where are your parents from?"

Look for more fun habits in the next issue...


Restaurant in Spotlight

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Tandoori Turkey
Food of the Week
Tandoori Turkey

Chicken recipes have always been a popular meal in the South Asian communities. Tandoori Turkey, however, is a sumptuous affair and timely to cook, specially when Thanksgiving is just round the corner. Check out our recipe section for cooking a Tandoori Turkey and other recipes for your taste buds to linger.

Caveat: Give yourself ample time to marinate and cook a Turkey, possibly a day or more.

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