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Desi Eat is glad to announce the winner of the Diwali give-away. Ms. Seetohul Bhanoomatee of Mississauga, a regular reader of our newsletters, won a Cineplex gift card. Congrats Seetohul and enjoy the show.

In this issue, we bring to you the taste of the South India in our food sections. Whether you plan to dine in or eat-out this weekend, we have covered it all for your South Indian taste buds. We present Rasam, as the food of the week, to make at home. This light but filled with zest and flavour lentil soup goes hand in hand with winters. Read about it below and check out its easy-to-make recipe on the website.

If you decide to eat out, visit Udupi Palace on Gerard Street, Toronto for an exquisite South Indian dining. You will find from tasty Idlies, to authentic South Indian Uthappams and crispy Dosas to home-made Sambhar and more. Udupi Palace has been serving its customers for about 15 years and is recognized as a go-to place for South Indian cuisine. It offers vegetarian, gluten- free, Jain friendly food in a comfortable setting.

Read on and let us know if you like what you read ☺

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Happy Diwali!

Gulab Jamun
Food of the Week

Rasam is a light lentil soup perked up with tamarind pulp and chopped tomatoes, traditional spice powder and simple seasoning of mustard seeds and curry leaves. The aroma of fresh roasted spices that surges out of the pot as soon as the seasoning is added is enough to draw everyone to the table. With a unique aroma and blend of spices, Rasam brings out authentic South Indian flavour.
Restaurant in Spotlight

Udupi Palace

An award winning restaurant, Udupi Palace acquired its name from the town of Udupi in the South West of India. With its offering of authentic South Indian and North Indian vegetarian cuisine, Udupi brand has grown over the years and is recognized as the premier Indian restaurant at the Gerrard Street. The menu includes Idlies, Uthappams and Dosas, complimented with authentic home-made Sambhar. The menu and ambiance set for a memorable dining experience. Udupi Palace chefs use their expertise to present finger-licking, healthy and fine Indian entree that's vegan and gluten-free.

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