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For some of us, it's an ongoing fight (Dangal) to lose weight, especially after the Holiday season. Read the article below to know how Mr. Perfectionist does it so well. He raises the bar every time. Take a leaf out of his book to stay motivated, healthy and fit.

We covered Curry Twist restaurant in this issue for you. Visit Curry Twist, if you are looking for an authentic Desi and Indian dining experience. Their meals are rich in flavors and come in a wide variety, which will keep bringing you back to try new cuisine each time. Learn more in the Restaurant in the Spotlight section below.

Cakes, Christmas and the Holiday season go together and Fruit cakes are possibly most popular ones in this season. Review a simple recipe for making Fruit cakes on Desi Eat website. It's easy and fun making fruit cake with our recipe. Get the recipe via the link in the food section.

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Wishing you a happy and healthy holidays.

A Healthy Dangal

A Healthy Dangal

Salman Khan's popular lines from a movie, "Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar Di, Phir Main Apne Aap Ki Bhi Nahin Sunta", goes well for another Khan from Bollywood, who takes self-control and commitment to a new level.

Aamir Khan not only mastered a whole new fitness plan but also a wholesome food diet regime to lose weight and be fit-again after gaining weight for a forthcoming movie. He says, a healthy lifestyle consists of a balanced diet, exercise and rest, though maintaining it at a regular level is the tough part.

Aamir Khan, claims that a balanced diet is 1/3 fat, 1/3 carbohydrates and 1/3 protein, and suggests to get help of a qualified dietician if you wish to lose weight. "Importantly, eating less is not a healthy and balanced diet", said Aamir Khan.

He gained 25 kilograms in 6 months for his role as Mahavir Phogat in Dangal - the movie releasing soon.

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Restaurant in Spotlight

Curry Twist

Curry Twist

Curry Twist is a restaurant with a desi twist. Its rich and varied cuisine brings about the right flavours that dictate South Asian food. The depth of ingredients and cooking styles culminate in a balanced and healthy cuisine. Curry Twist's Mughlai dishes are highly popular among the food connoisseurs in the Greater Toronto Area. The aromatically marinated chicken in ginger and onion, tinged with nutmeg, mace, cloves and cinnamon is another favourite. The dishes are rich in sauces that serve as a base for morsels of chicken and meat cooked in ghee, which is royal enough for a banquet dinner. Curry Twist deserves a recommendation.

Fruit Cakes
Food of the Week
Fruit Cakes

Fruit Cakes need no introduction. It's a staple food in Christmas dinners and celebrations. We are happy to present an easy-to-make recipe to you for preparing Fruit Cake this holiday season. It's made with chopped candied or dried fruits, nuts, spices, and is soaked in spirits. Fruit Cakes are perfect winter treats and are usually exchanged as gifts between businesses, friends and families.

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