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New Year Resolution - Stay healthy, stay fit.


With the New Year comes New Year resolutions and one of the most common New Year resolution is to stay healthy and fit. If you have also made a New Year resolution to eat healthy food for getting healthy and fit, read on...

Firstly, it helps to cook at home to know the spices and ingredients mix you are eating compared to dining out, where at times, taste takes precedence on healthy ingredients. We do not suggest to abstain from eating out. In fact, there are restaurants famous for serving healthy meals and we will cover these in future newsletters. However, you are in better control and could use high quality and healthy ingredients when you make food at home.

BestDesiFood has loads of healthy recipes that are both fast and easy to cook. You would not have problems making them again and again. For starters, try

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If you are looking for a good place to eat fusion sandwiches, look no further. Banh Mi Boys Sandwich shop, located right in the heart of Toronto, offers great tasting Vietnamese fusion sandwiches along with kimchi fries and pork buns

This food snack bar has been completely renovated and is among one of the finest dining restaurants in the area with ample of tables and counter seating. It's no longer just a grab-and-go place. Check it out, on our recommendation.

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