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Aab Shola

Category: Beverages / Cocktails

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Aab Shola
  • 2 Raw Mangoes
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Black salt
  • 1/2 tbsp. roasted Cumin powder
  • 1/4 tbsp. Black Pepper powder
  1. Add raw mangoes to pressure cooker with enough water. Pressure cook for 2-3 whistles or until soft. Alternatively you can use stainless steel pot with enough water. Bring water to boil and add raw mangoes. Cook till they are soft. Let the steam settle down. Remove the lid, strain and leave it to cool.
  2. Once cool enough to handle, peel off the skin gently and squeeze the pulp out using your fingers.
  3. Now add this pulp to mixer jar along with sugar. Grind to smooth paste.
  4. Whisk in black salt, cumin powder and black pepper. Pour the concentrate in air tight plastic or glass container and leave it in fridge to chill.
  5. Fill glasses with ice cubes and pour in 3-4 tbsp of the concentrate that is made.
  6. Add chilled water, stir and serve immediately.
  7. Adjust sugar according to your taste.

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