Most-Liked Food - Around the World

24 July 2017

Most Liked Food

According to a survey on, a lot of travellers across the globe prefer Indian food. Read on for more fascinating titbits about the way the world eats.


No to Junk Food Helped

14 July 2017

 No to Junk Food Helped

In Canada's ongoing battle against childhood obesity, one simple weapon appears to be working.

Over the past 12 years, six provinces have banned junk food from schools, and a new study says the measure is having a positive impact on student health.


Ramazan and its delicacies

15 June 2017

Justin Bieber and his love for Indian Food

18 May 2017





Maple Leaf enters a fast-growing category: plant-based proteins

28 February 2017

Mississauga, Ont. - Maple Leaf Foods has entered a new market: that of plant-based protein foods.

Canada's leading consumer meat protein company has acquired U.S.-based Lightlife Foods Inc., a manufacturer of refrigerated plant-based protein foods for US$140 million. The deal is set to close in March.


Ranveer Brar is opening his first Canadian restaurant

22 February 2017

Acclaimed Indian chef Ranveer Brar is launching his first restaurant in Canada, named Mayura. It will be a 12,000-square-foot restaurant at 200 County Court Blvd. in Brampton.

Brar has opened more than 20 restaurants worldwide, including Banq in Boston. Alongside serving as a judge for Master Chef India, Brar has hosted several television shows and released his first cookbook in 2016.


Chickpea Flour, the Protein-Packed Wonder

26 January 2017

Chickpea flour, also known as Gram flour or Besan in the South Asian countries, is widely used as a staple ingredient in different recipes and cuisines. From a somewhat healthy Dhokla, to oily Bhajjis and Pakoda's to desserts in form of Besan Ka Laddo, it is used in all South Asian communities.


Sugar - The New Tobacco

26 January 2017


"What we see depends mainly on what we look for - John Lubbock".

This phrase only applies when we know what we are looking; a study found that there are 30 different terms for added sugar. The same study also found that two-thirds of packaged foods and beverages on Canadian grocery shelves, including some infant formulas and baby food, contain added sugars. Some of the items include products we use daily like infant formulas, baby food, yogurt, breakfast cereals and fruit juice.


The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

20 January 2017

This chart depitcs the various foods that we consume on a daily basis. The idea is to have a balanced diet to live healthy.


Being a Torontonian!

12 January 2017

We may be best known for our constant complaints about the weather and commuting, but underneath all that snow, Toronto is and always will be the city of good food.

Whether you're trying out one of the latest foodie hot spots like Bar Isabel or the city's hidden gems tucked away in west-end plazas, food courts in Markham, Ont. or food trucks during summer festivals, the city has a long list of dishes to offer.


Multifaceted Roles of Chef

11 January 2017

The love of food, the ambiance of the restaurant, the cuisine and the orderly conduct of a maestro, inspire budding chefs in making deliciously cooked and meticulously served meals. But how do maestro chefs do it when so much of preparation is involved?

They play multifaceted roles (4-in-1) to serve and entertain with best of culinary art.


Foodie's Day Out!

22 December 2016


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